We did it!  

I wanted to do this my whole life.  

After been driving around in Italy last summer, we ended up byuing this mega

renovation project in Termini Imerese in Sicily. The house is over 400 sqm and it’s named Palazzo Chirillo.  

It was a nobel family late 1600 century that built it and the street is even called 

” Avenye via Chirillo ”  

I will layer tell you the fantastic story of the ”palazzo” and it’s former owners.   



No one have lived here for over 30 years. First time I saw it, I knew this was - The House! My husband was not that shore. So we searched one more year. But when we came back this summer agsin, he was even more positive them me.  


32 meter long.  

5 balconys.  

3 Doors. 

1. Gate  

1. Small Terrass on the third floor. 

One small garden, wich is very unic for a town house in the old parts of Termini Imerese. 



The Garden have lemon, mandarin, oranges, lime trees, Olive trees etc etc. There is also a lot of junk!!! We have so much work in front of us. But I really looking forward. 




I am a hunter. 
A collector and a dealer. 
I don´t like to click and put things in a basket and go to the cashier. 
I love the hunt. I can hunt for years until I find IT... 
Then it is not a matter of price... 
It is the feeling that I just found and bought a uniq item that no one else have, but me. 
I think this is why I prefer vintage items, clothes and furniture. 

This Sunday the 28th of May I will have my yearly flea market in my garden from 12.00 o'clock . 
You will find treasures from all over the world... big things, small things, expensive stuff and things that I just throw away. 

candle holders
garden stuff

well.. basically you will find something that you like . 

Very Welcome to
Hamngatan 17
263 39 Höganäs . 


Arild… a quiet place on earth which I always will love. 
We renovated this house from the 70ths which was completely untouched, in all meanings... to this that you see in the pictures. 
The pictures spread all over the world. I don’t know what was so special with it, but it was kind of a "breaking the rule feeling" I think that was the fun. 

All photos taken by photographer Sara Svenningrud.